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Emerald Coast Outdoor Living LLC is a family owned business which can turn your backyard into an outdoor entertainment area.  We are a ClifRock authorized installer, so you get a professional, reliable and friendly business that can take care of your entire outdoor kitchen, fire feature and water feature needs. We strive for the best quality and value for our customers, so call now for your free estimate: 850-909-3025.

In their most recent survey, the American Institute of Architects found that “outdoor living areas” were the most popular special function room/area. An outdoor living area, typically centered around an outdoor kitchen, greatly expands the useful space of your home, providing a fun and functional outdoor area for your family and friends to congregate. Across the country, outdoor kitchens have become a fixture in the backyard. 

When designing an outdoor area, you should consider the size and location of your patio, deck or space.  It’s important to make sure that the outdoor kitchen footprint is proportional to your space, providing enough room to walk around, and ensuring that the kitchen does not interfere with the traffic patterns in your backyard. The three most common outdoor kitchens configurations are straight, L-shaped and U-shaped – each of these has its place, depending upon your backyard layout. If you are considering adding an outdoor kitchen to a wooden-deck, you should be aware that many traditional masonry options will not be viable alternatives; due to the excessive weight of these kitchen structures (Emerald Coast Outdoor Living LLC has a solution to this limitation). 

Another consideration when designing your outdoor entertainment space is your typical usage. How many people will be using it, what will they be doing and how many people will you be feeding. A 2-burner grill will be perfect for a family of four, but if you regularly have groups of 10+ over the house, you may feel constrained by your grill. Having the right grill and appliances is essential for getting optimal use and enjoyment out of your outdoor kitchen space. 

Emerald Coast Outdoor Living LLC recommends and uses Coyote Outdoor Living appliances when building and installing outdoor kitchens.  Coyote offers a full range of high-quality products such as grills, smokers, side-burners, outdoor-rated refrigerators, sinks, doors and drawers . . . the combinations are endless. All Coyote products are built with premium grade 304 stainless steel throughout. All Coyote grills have features such as double walled stainless-steel hoods, independent burner ignition system, continuous weld on the grill box with seamless edges, interior grill lighting, heat control grids, cast stainless steel burners and zinc nickel alloy knobs, lifetime warranty on burners and stainless-steel exterior.  Coyote provides a durable product at a great value, it is an affordable luxury appliance.

Just as it is important to have appliances that are designed to withstand the outdoor elements, you will want to ensure that your outdoor kitchen structure will survive the mild winters and extreme heat of the Florida summers. Many outdoor kitchens are built with sub-par materials that are not designed for the outdoors, others use construction techniques, such as applying stone veneers, that are highly susceptible to failure when exposed to freeze-thaw environments. Emerald Coast Outdoor Living LLC differentiates itself from the competition by using a construction technique and construction materials that were specifically designed for extreme outdoor environments. We are the area’s only ClifRock authorized installer. ClifRock offers a frame-less panel construction system utilizing panels made from a polymeric micro-fiber reinforced high-performance concrete ensuring strength and performance under extreme environmental stress, from extreme heat to harsh freeze-thaw cycles. 

When considering building an outdoor kitchen, it is important to consider any potential property disruption or stress of an extended construction project. Many outdoor kitchen installations require heavy machinery to prepare a foundation for your kitchen, resulting in significant property disruption, with timelines that stretch for weeks or even months. Using the ClifRock system, Emerald Coast Outdoor Living LLC can typically complete an outdoor kitchen installation in just two days, with virtually no property disruption. Our kitchens are so structurally sound that they can be build on most stable surfaces without the need to pour a footer (and can even be built on a well-constructed wooden deck). 

Lastly, you will want an outdoor kitchen that looks as good as it is functional. Most customers are looking for a masonry look – but they don’t want the cost, weight, construction time or upkeep of a masonry installation. ClifRock engineered stone panels may be the solution – as they provide the traditional look of stone without the added cost or weight of alternative methods. ClifRock offers a variety of timeless stone profiles such as ledge stone and dry stack, as well as a barn wood option. Furthermore, our layouts are fully customizable – you will not get a ‘kit,’ so no two outdoor kitchens are alike. 


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 We would be happy to evaluate your backyard space and budget to help you and come up with an outdoor kitchen design to meet your needs. If you would like to schedule a free consultation on a possible outdoor kitchen, fire feature or water feature, please call us at 850-909-3025

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